Camera Lens Coffee Mug –

The camera lens coffee mug! Introducing the coffee mug that looks almost exactly like a real camera lens. These mugs look so much like the real thing, they’re sure to fool even the most seasoned photographer. The detail on these is amazing. With lids that imitate the look of lens caps and printing that looks similar to their real counterpart, it’s really hard to tell the difference. Some of them have switches that work and some even zoom out!

A great gift!
A camera lens mug is the perfect gift for amateur shutterbugs, camera-geeks and professional photographers. It’s original, funny, even shocking. Use it for coffee, tea, water, ice cream, or as a pencil holder. They even make great flower vases and planters.
If you’re looking for a gift for the photographer who has everything (or almost), this is ideal.

Available in Canon and Nikon styles.

canon cup nikon lens coffee mug

A great conversation piece. You’re bound to get a reaction when friends, family or co-workers see you drinking from what looks like an expensive camera lens. At first it’s confusion, then curiosity and then laughter. The next reaction is to want to hold it, compare it to its real counterpart, and then show it to other people.

These give new meaning to the phrase “mug for the camera”! This mug is a real “focal point” (sorry about the puns. I couldn’t help myself). You’ll love the mug so much you’ll want to “flash” it around. (That one’s really bad). People won’t be able to “f-stop” laughing (okay, I’ll stop now).

There’s been a lot of buzz about these, and suppliers tend to run out of stock quickly. Fortunately, all the models on this site can be ordered through Amazon.

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